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Packages that use DialogListener 
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  • Uses of DialogListener in ij.gui

    Classes in ij.gui that implement DialogListener 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  PlotContentsDialog
    This class implements the Plot Window's Data>"Add from Plot", "Add form Table", "Add Fit" and "More>Contents Style" dialogs
    class  PlotDialog  
    class  RoiDefaultsDialog
    This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Roi Defaults command.
    Methods in ij.gui with parameters of type DialogListener 
    Modifier and Type Method Description
    void GenericDialog.addDialogListener​(DialogListener dl)
    Add an Object implementing the DialogListener interface.
  • Uses of DialogListener in ij.measure

    Classes in ij.measure that implement DialogListener 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  ResultsTableMacros
    This class implements the Apply Macro command in tables.
  • Uses of DialogListener in ij.plugin

    Classes in ij.plugin that implement DialogListener 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  AppearanceOptions
    This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Appearance command.
    class  ArrowToolOptions
    This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Arrow Tool command.
    class  CircularRoiMaker
    This class implements the Process/FFT/Make Circular Selection command.
    class  Coordinates
    The plugin implements the Image/Adjust/Coordinates command.
    class  Grid
    This class implements the Analyze/Tools/Grid command.
    class  HyperStackReducer
    Implements the Image/HyperStacks/Reduce Dimensionality command.
    class  OverlayLabels
    This plugin implements the Image/Overlay/Labels command.
    class  PointToolOptions
    This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Point Tool command.
    class  RectToolOptions
    This plugin implements the rounded rectangle tool dialog box.
    class  RGBStackConverter
    Converts a 2 or 3 slice stack, or a hyperstack, to RGB.
    class  RoiEnlarger
    This plugin, which enlarges or shrinks selections, implements the Edit/Selection/Enlarge command.
    class  SpecifyROI
    This plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Specify command.
    class  Text
    This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Fonts command and the dialog displayed when you double click on the text tool.
    class  WandToolOptions
    This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Wand Tool command.
  • Uses of DialogListener in ij.plugin.filter

    Classes in ij.plugin.filter that implement DialogListener 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  BackgroundSubtracter
    Implements ImageJ's Subtract Background command.
    class  Binary
    Implements the Erode, Dilate, Open, Close, Outline, Skeletonize and Fill Holes commands in the Process/Binary submenu.
    class  Convolver
    This plugin convolves images using user user defined kernels.
    class  GaussianBlur
    This plug-in filter uses convolution with a Gaussian function for smoothing.
    class  ImageMath
    This plugin implements ImageJ's Process/Math submenu.
    class  MaximumFinder
    This ImageJ plug-in filter finds the maxima (or minima) of an image.
    class  PlugInFilterRunner  
    class  RankFilters
    This plugin implements the Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Variance, Median, Remove Outliers, Remove NaNs and Despeckle commands.
    class  Rotator
    This plugin implements the Image/Rotate/Arbitrarily command.
    class  StackLabeler
    This plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Label command.
    class  Translator
    This plugin implements the Image/Translate command.
    class  UnsharpMask
    This plugin-filter implements ImageJ's Unsharp Mask command.