Module ij

Class RoiDecoder


public class RoiDecoder
extends java.lang.Object
This class decodes an ImageJ .roi file.

Format of the original 64 byte ImageJ/NIH Image .roi file header. Two byte numbers are big-endian signed shorts. The JavaScript example at demonstrates how to use this information to decode a .roi file.

        0-3             "Iout"
        4-5             version (>=217)
        6-7             roi type (encoded as one byte)
        8-9             top
        10-11   left
        12-13   bottom
        14-15   right
        16-17   NCoordinates
        18-33   x1,y1,x2,y2 (straight line) | x,y,width,height (double rect) | size (npoints)
        34-35   stroke width (v1.43i or later)
        36-39   ShapeRoi size (type must be 1 if this value>0)
        40-43   stroke color (v1.43i or later)
        44-47   fill color (v1.43i or later)
        48-49   subtype (v1.43k or later)
        50-51   options (v1.43k or later)
        52-52   arrow style or aspect ratio (v1.43p or later)
        53-53   arrow head size (v1.43p or later)
        54-55   rounded rect arc size (v1.43p or later)
        56-59   position
        60-63   header2 offset
        64-       x-coordinates (short), followed by y-coordinates
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