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    class  CurveFitter
    Curve fitting class based on the Simplex method in the Minimizer class Notes on fitting polynomial functions: (i) The range of x values should not be too far from 0, especially for higher-order polynomials.
    Methods in ij.measure with parameters of type UserFunction 
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    void CurveFitter.doCustomFit​(UserFunction userFunction, int numParams, java.lang.String formula, double[] initialParams, double[] initialParamVariations, boolean showSettings)
    Fit a function defined in a user plugin implementing the UserFunction interface Use getStatus() and/or getStatusString() to see whether fitting was (probably) successful and getParams() to access the result.
    void Minimizer.setFunction​(UserFunction userFunction, int numParams)
    Set the the target function, i.e.