Module ij
Package ij.process

Class ImageStatistics

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ByteStatistics, ColorStatistics, FloatStatistics, ShortStatistics, StackStatistics

public class ImageStatistics
extends java.lang.Object
implements Measurements
Statistics, including the histogram, of an image or selection.
  • Field Details

    • histogram

      public int[] histogram
      Use the hIstogram() method to get the histogram as a double array.
    • pixelCount

      public int pixelCount
      Int pixel count (limited to 2^31-1)
    • longPixelCount

      public long longPixelCount
      Long pixel count
    • dmode

      public double dmode
    • mode

      public int mode
      Mode of 256 bin histogram (counts limited to 2^31-1)
    • area

      public double area
    • min

      public double min
    • max

      public double max
    • mean

      public double mean
    • median

      public double median
    • stdDev

      public double stdDev
    • skewness

      public double skewness
    • kurtosis

      public double kurtosis
    • xCentroid

      public double xCentroid
    • yCentroid

      public double yCentroid
    • xCenterOfMass

      public double xCenterOfMass
    • yCenterOfMass

      public double yCenterOfMass
    • roiX

      public double roiX
    • roiY

      public double roiY
    • roiWidth

      public double roiWidth
    • roiHeight

      public double roiHeight
    • umean

      public double umean
      Uncalibrated mean
    • major

      public double major
      Length of major axis of fitted ellipse
    • minor

      public double minor
      Length of minor axis of fitted ellipse
    • angle

      public double angle
      Angle in degrees of fitted ellipse
    • histogram16

      public int[] histogram16
      Bin width 1 histogram of 16-bit images
    • longHistogram

      protected long[] longHistogram
      Long histogram; use getHIstogram() to retrieve.
    • areaFraction

      public double areaFraction
    • xstart

      public int xstart
      Used internally by AnalyzeParticles
    • ystart

      public int ystart
      Used internally by AnalyzeParticles
    • stackStatistics

      public boolean stackStatistics
      Used by HistogramWindow
    • lowerThreshold

      public double lowerThreshold
      Minimum threshold when "Limit to threshold" enabled
    • upperThreshold

      public double upperThreshold
      Maximum threshold when "Limit to threshold" enabled
    • histMin

      public double histMin
    • histMax

      public double histMax
    • histYMax

      public int histYMax
    • maxCount

      public int maxCount
    • nBins

      public int nBins
    • binSize

      public double binSize
    • width

      protected int width
    • height

      protected int height
    • rx

      protected int rx
    • ry

      protected int ry
    • rw

      protected int rw
    • rh

      protected int rh
    • pw

      protected double pw
    • ph

      protected double ph
    • cal

      protected Calibration cal
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