Module ij
Package ij.process

Class ShortBlitter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ShortBlitter
extends java.lang.Object
implements Blitter
This class does bit blitting of 16-bit images.
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    • setTransparentColor

      public void setTransparentColor​(java.awt.Color c)
      Description copied from interface: Blitter
      Sets the transparent color used in the COPY_TRANSPARENT mode (default is Color.white).
      Specified by:
      setTransparentColor in interface Blitter
    • copyBits

      public void copyBits​(ImageProcessor ip, int xloc, int yloc, int mode)
      Copies the 16-bit image in 'ip' to (x,y) using the specified mode.
      Specified by:
      copyBits in interface Blitter