package ij.plugin;
import ij.*;
import ij.gui.*;
import ij.macro.Interpreter;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.util.Vector;

/** This plugin implements the Edit/Options/Startup command. */
    public class Startup implements PlugIn, ItemListener {
        private static String NAME = "RunAtStartup.ijm";
        private GenericDialog gd;
        private static final String[] code = {
            "[Select from list]",
            "Black background",
            "Set default directory",
            "Debug mode",
            "10-bit (0-1023) range",
            "12-bit (0-4095) range",
            "Splash Screen",
            "Bolder selections",
            "Add to overlay",
            "Flip FITS images"
    private String macro = "";
    private int originalLength;

    public void run(String arg) {
        macro = getStartupMacro();
        String macro2 = macro;
        if (!showDialog())
        if (!macro.equals(macro2)) {
            if (!runMacro(macro))
    public String getStartupMacro() {
        String macro = IJ.openAsString(IJ.getDirectory("macros")+NAME);
        if (macro==null || macro.startsWith("Error:"))
            return null;
            return macro;
    private void saveStartupMacro(String macro) {
        IJ.saveString(macro, IJ.getDirectory("macros")+NAME);

    private boolean showDialog() {
        gd = new GenericDialog("Startup Macro");
        String text = "Macro code contained in this text area\nexecutes when ImageJ starts up.";
        Font font = new Font("SansSerif", Font.PLAIN, 14);
        gd.addMessage(text, font);
        gd.setInsets(5, 10, 0);
        gd.addTextAreas(macro, null, 15, 50);
        gd.addChoice("Add code:", code, code[0]);
        Vector choices = gd.getChoices();
        if (choices!=null) {
            Choice choice = (Choice)choices.elementAt(0);
        macro = gd.getNextText();
        return !gd.wasCanceled();
    private boolean runMacro(String macro) {
        Interpreter interp = new Interpreter();, null);
        if (interp.wasError())
            return false;
            return true;
    public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent e) {
        Choice choice = (Choice)e.getSource();
        String item = choice.getSelectedItem();
        String statement = null;
        if (item.equals(code[1]))
            statement = "setOption(\"BlackBackground\", true);\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[2]))          
            statement = "File.setDefaultDir(getDir(\"downloads\"));\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[3]))
            statement = "setOption(\"DebugMode\", true);\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[4]))
            statement = "call(\"ij.ImagePlus.setDefault16bitRange\", 10);\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[5]))
            statement = "call(\"ij.ImagePlus.setDefault16bitRange\", 12);\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[6]))          
            statement = "run(\"About ImageJ...\");\nwait(3000);\nclose(\"About ImageJ\");\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[7]))          
            statement = "Roi.setDefaultStrokeWidth(2);\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[8]))
            statement = "setOption(\"Add to overlay\", true);\n";
        else if (item.equals(code[9]))
            statement = "setOption(\"FlipFitsImages\", false);\n";
        if (statement!=null) {
            TextArea ta = gd.getTextArea1();
            ta.insert(statement, ta.getCaretPosition());
            if (IJ.isMacOSX()) ta.requestFocus();