Binary Filters

Authors: Gary Chinga ( and Oeyvind Eriksen
Date: 2002/07/26
Requires:ImageJ 1.28 or later
Installation: Download Binary_Filters.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin performs erosion, dilation, opening and closing of binary images. The plugin requires 8-bits binary images (Process/Binary/Threshold) where the blackpixels=0 and whitepixels=255. The number of neighborhood pixels (between 1 and 8) and iterations (1-25) can be choosen at will. The plugin corresponds to the Binary/Set Count option in NIH and Scion Image.

For details see:

If required, the residual image containing the removed (erosion) or added (dilation) pixels is displayed. The plugin also writes results like number of pixels in the original image, new filtered image and residual image.

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