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2015/12/16: Original version

2016/03/10: ReadPlate includes alpha numeric labeling for the wells and

calculates absorbance values.

2016/04/15: ReadPlate2 introduces a correction for blank measurements.

With thanks to Sandra Verstraeten and Pablo Carabias for their enthusiasm,

suggestions and help with this project.



ReadPlate.txt and ReadPlate2.txt

The source codes are available at



Download ReadPlate.txt and do Plugins > Install. The plugin is ready to be

launched by clicking Plugins >ReadPlate

An example image of a 96-well plate is available at


This plugin measures the color intensity (RGB) of an image (.jpg file) of a multi-

well plate of up to 96 wells. After choosing the appropriate color channel for

measurements (A), a grid of circles of defined area is built and overlaid on the

plate (B and C). If the fit of the grid to the plate proves to be satisfactory, the user

proceeds to take measurements. The parameters for the distribution of light

intensity within each circle and the calculated absorbance values for each well

are listed in tabular form (D). These results can be readily exported in Excel

spreadsheet format (E).

ReadPlate2 uses an ancillary grid of circles (of equivalent area) surrounding

each well to correct for differences in local light intensity. In this fashion, absorbance

values are corrected for blank measurements taken from the same image of the plate.


A –Select the color channel

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jmdelfino:Desktop:jmd:projects:img_dev:ReadPlate2:index_archivos:image299.jpg


B – Select the grid parameters

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jmdelfino:Desktop:jmd:projects:img_dev:ReadPlate2:index_archivos:image297.jpg


C – Check the position of the grid

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jmdelfino:Desktop:jmd:projects:img_dev:ReadPlate2:index_archivos:image311.jpg


D – Get the results

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jmdelfino:Desktop:jmd:projects:img_dev:ReadPlate2:index_archivos:image313.jpg


E – Export the results to a spreadsheet

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jmdelfino:Desktop:jmd:projects:img_dev:ReadPlate2:index_archivos:image315.jpg