Roughness Calculation

Author: Gary Chinga ( and Bob Dougherty
Date: 2002/05/06
Installation: Download Roughness_calculation.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin calculates surface roughness statistics based on a topographical images. The input is an image or stack in which the pixel values represent distance, z, to a surface.

The calculated roughness values are:

  • Ra: Arithmetical mean deviation
  • Rq: Root mean square deviation
  • Rku: Kurtosis of the assessed profile
  • Rsk: Skewness of the assessed profile
  • Rv: Lowest valley (given by the min measurements)
  • Rp: Highest peak (given by the max measurements)
  • Rt: The total height of the profile
The plugin can be used in combination with the facet Orientation plugin (Bob Dougherty, in order to get a complete assessment of the surface topography.

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