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  • 3D View is a modified version of NIH Image that uses the autofocus method to visualize 3D confocal reflection datasets.
  • 4pi Analysis is a provider of scientific data and image acquisition products for Macintosh personal computers.
  • BioSystematica provides PC software, scanners and camera systems for the analysis electrophoretic gels.
  • The Center for Image Processing in Education is using NIH Image to help teach kids about science, mathematics and technology.
  • Color It! from MicroFrontier is an affordable image processing program for the Macintosh that's similar to Photoshop.
  • DesAcc produces ImportACCESS, a plug-in for importing medical imaging data, and Digital Jacket, a program that provides full DICOM network access for desktop computers.
  • The DICOM page provides a brief description of the DICOM standard, a free Windows DICOM viewer, and links to other DICOM sites.
  • Executor is a Mac emulator that allows NIH Image to run on PCs.
  • IGOR Pro from Wavemetrics is a scientific graphing and analysis program with facilities for quantitative image analysis and image acquisition via frame grabbers.
  • The Image Processing Tool Kit is a set of image processing and measurement plug-ins for Photoshop (both Mac and Windows).
  • ImageQuant from Molecular Dynamics is Macintosh software for quantitative analysis of gels, blots, TLC, and microplates.
  • Image SXM is a version of NIH Image that has been extended to handle the loading, display and analysis of scanning microscope images.
  • ImageTool is a free image processing and analysis program for Windows 95/NT from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.
  • Imaging Research makes the PC based MCID scientific image analysis system.
  • MacCubeView is software for the visualisation of 3D data using texture-map and ray-cast techniques.
  • MacVol is a volume rendering program for the Macintosh that's based on the VolPack library.
  • Media Cybernetics produces Image-Pro Plus, a scientific image analysis application available for both Macintosh and Windows.
  • Object-Image is based on NIH Image and supports a transparent layer for marking, flexible data array, 3D slicer, 3D wireframes, single-step debugger, AppleScript and user dialog window.
  • Optimas Corporation provides PC Windows-based machine vision and scientific image analysis software and services.
  • OSIRIS is a free medical image display and analysis package from the University Hospital of Geneva. It is available for Macintosh, UNIX and Windows.
  • The Quantitative Image Analysis site has an improved version of the Gel Plotting Macros.
  • Scanalytics creates scientific image analysis software for Macintosh and Windows.
  • Scion Corporation produces scientific frame grabber cards and is porting NIH Image to Windows 95/NT.
  • Synergy Research provided the DICOM reader and writes custom applications and extensions based on NIH Image.
  • Universal Imaging Corporation produces scientific image capture, image processing and image analysis products for PCs.

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